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(Archived) Confirmed bug for Android app when doing exact searches


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For some reason, exact searches cause Evernote for Android to crash when trying to view pdf attachments. I use exact search a lot in searching for numbers on a pdf attachment.

This is happening with the latest beta, too.

I just spent a couple of days going back and forth with Evernote support (who are very responsive and helpful, by the way!) regarding a problem I have with the Evernote app on my Android phone (Samsung Epic) crash.

I finally narrowed it down to this: when doing an exact search, meaning a search with quote marks on both ends (i.e. "341.27"), Evernote brings up the right list of notes, but if I select one and then tap the gray box with the name of the pdf attachment in it, Evernote does nothing, and in fact will not allow me to see any other note I try to view afterward. It just keeps saying "Loading Note" but the notes never load. I have to "force close" Evernote and start again.

If I pull up the note from any other way, such as browsing through the list or via a search without quote marks, Acrobat Reader instantly opens when I tap on the pdf name in the gray box.

Support says this is now a known bug. Just thought I'd mention it hear in case anyone else has the same problem.

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