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HELP: How do I search for deleted notes?

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i've got about 555 notes in the trash.

i've accidentially deleted an old note to the trash, which i was reading.

i know some text which i could search for if EN would support that useful feature.

but EN doesnt. *

now, how can i FAST find that note again, if i dont remember its date?


*chosing the TRASH notebook and searching for some text does not work here on the mac. EN seems not to search. it just shows all notes in the trash.

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I've filed a bug on the Mac client for the search issue.

For now, you may need to:

1) Disable sync temporarily

2) Move the contents of the trash to a new temporary notebook

3) Select that notebook and search to find the note

4) Delete the notebook to move the notes back to the trash

5) Re-enable sync

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