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(Archived) Evernote for Android v. 3.0 Beta 2

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Love the new look of the application. the tags hierarchy is awesome as is the notebooks.

having an issue adding the web clipper to the browser tho. browser keeps force closing. i rebooted the phone and its still happening. my browser works fine outside of this incident.

i'm on an htc incredible running stock 2.2 not rooted.

i'll be sending my logs when i have the oppurtunity

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I don't know that I personally think the new widget is "much better looking". It's much greener, I'll give you that. . . at any rate, I don't mind it.

I like the new semi-transparent spots in the map view. . . would it be possible for us to control the opacity? It's not important, by any means, but I love customization (and would personally like the spots a bit less opaque)

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The new Widget is indeed very beautiful. I do, however, see a weird halo around the elephant icon that dissapears when I pan between home screens but instantly re-appears when the homescreen snaps into place.


I'm on a Nexus One (Amoled screen).

(Worth noting is that the notification icons are still quite fugly-looking in Gingerbread.)

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There is a bug now! Adding a shortcut to a tag unto a home screen does not work anymore. Since I use this feature often, I switched back to Beta 1 until the issue is resolved.

I did not test adding other shortcuts to home (such as a shortcut to a notebook or a note), so I can't say anything about those. I would make sure they're working properly too.

I also have a suggestion:

Improved notebook and stack management is an awesome addition. However, in my use of Evernote, I find a bigger need for an improvement in tag management (more specifically, moving tags to a different parent tag, or making a tag parentless).

Please consider adding this feature!

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Hi Borets,

I'm sorry the tag shortcuts are not working for you. I'm not aware of any changes to the tag code since Beta1. Can you give me more info on the tag shortcut bug? I just tried it on my account/phone and I was able to create the shortcut and it seemed to work fine. Does the shortcut not get created at all for you, or does it get created and then when you click on it from the homescreen it doesn't work? Which tag display mode are you using (though this should be irrelevant)?

Thanks for the help,


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Hello Jess.

I installed the new Beta version again, and everything seems to be working now. I don't know what was wrong when I was trying to do the same thing in the past. Well, if I run into some more issues, then I will definitely holler.

Thanks for your concern!


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How do I get evernote 3.0 beta. When I try to download it from http://www.s.evernote.com/androidpreview it says "installation not complete. You phone is set to block any installation other than from the android market". Can anyone help?

Also, I am running evernote 2.6 on my android phone but the widget is not available. Any help there too?

Thank you all very much!!!

Go to Settings, Applications and check 'Unknown sources'. You can uncheck the setting after installation, if you wish to.


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