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(Archived) Husband & wife on 1 account or 2?

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I have an existing Evernote Premium account, just bought a SnapScan and am planning to scan a lot of the overflowing paper in our house. Half of this will be my wife's stuff. Would it be better to put this all in my account or have 2 accounts? Seems like it would be easier to just put it in my account, but I'm expecting she's going to have a lot of stuff. Just looking for ideas from people with experience with this sort of situation. (We use a Mac at home)

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Well, my vote goes for separate accounts. I use my EN account for personal, work & mom related stuff. (I'm the point person for my 93 y/o mom.) Many/most of my searches start from "all notebooks" b/c I can usually find things based upon tags or keywords. It's just a lot faster (IMO) to press the F5 (my global 'find in Evernote' button), then type a tag or keyword, rather than click a notebook in the left pane or specify a notebook in the search or scroll down to a saved search. Since I do often search through all notebooks, I don't want to have to filter through stuff my husband may have entered.

Also, I use EN when doing shopping research. For Christmas I bought my husband an electric drum set. Since I don't know anything about them, I clipped many reviews & videos. Not only were they helpful with my decision, but I was able to show them to him, after he unwrapped it.

I also used EN to help decide where to buy the set. It was a LOT cheaper to buy it from Amazon. But if he didn't like the model I bought it would be MUCH easier to return it to the local Best Buy, plus we wouldn't be out any money. So I clipped the shipping measurements & weight & calculated the approximate cost to return it to Amazon. That helped me decide where to buy it. Was I confident enough in my selection to risk saving X dollars by getting it from Amazon, while knowing we'd be out X dollars if he wanted to return it? Or was the difference in price minimal enough to go ahead & spend the extra $$ & get it at Best Buy & be able to return it w/o paying return shipping costs?

Point being, I would not have wanted these notes to be viewed by him.

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If you are on a Mac then it is very easy to get Fast User Switching working - then you and your wife can have separate accounts user accounts and separate Evernote accounts.

Keep those birthday surprises a secret (especially if they are for your girlfriend and not your wife :) )

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If you are on a Mac then it is very easy to get Fast User Switching working - then you and your wife can have separate accounts user accounts and separate Evernote accounts.

Keep those birthday surprises a secret (especially if they are for your girlfriend and not your wife :) )


You just reminded me of another reason to have separate accounts. There was a guy who posted here a while back. His GF knew his EN password. She got peeved at him & went into his computer & deleted all his notes & synced... :shock: So if your SO has a temper...

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Thanks for the suggestions!

BurgersNFries, your reasoning in your 1st post was why I was leaning toward separate accounts at first. But then I realized that I would have to get my wife in the habit of switching to her account (this is a Mac) for use. We have that setup, but standard operating procedure has been to just wake up the machine (which is always on my account) and do whatever you're going to do.

She's already skeptical about the whole idea of scanning all our stuff (statements, receipts, tear-outs, etc.) into Evernote. Part of that is that I just bought the ScanSnap, and she always starts out skeptical. You'd think after I turned out to be right about the TiVo and the iPod and the iPhone and the Google Calendar that she'd just trust me on this (but then again, there was the hot dog cooker and the cappuccino machine and the pasta maker...)

Anyway, I think forcing the user-switching right up front may sink the project, so I'd like to start out all on one account, but with different Notebooks. The problem is, if at some point we decide to change to separate accounts, can I move all the stuff in her notebook over to her account?

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Just registered so I can post in this thread.

Pretty much the same question as the OP. I've spent a few hours today looking through posts and threads for the solution.

Long time Evernote account holder but never got into it.

Recent iPhone, iPad and Macbook purchase + EN premium has changed that. Now have access everywhere (woot)

Issue is I'm now scanning in and collecting paperwork that is the 'families' rather than purely personal.

Have set spouse up with new EN account.

Setup shared folder that she can access+modify.

Now the plan comes unstuck. She can not take notes from her Notebooks and move to the shared folder.

Yes she can email photos or files into my account with respective @ and # markup - but if she is webclipping or taking notes about (example) home renovation ideas then that information is 'trapped' across on her side of the shared notebook berlin wall :-)

Am I missing something simple?

With more and more people on Evernote the couple senario must be occurring all the time. How are you solving it?

Would love to know if early posters have found a comfortable balance/workflow.

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I couldn't even imagine sharing an account with my wife. I love her and all, but we have enough problems organizing stuff in our house (where did you put [fill in the blank]? How would I know?). I am way too anal about organizing to have anyone mucking about in my account.

If your wife can't be bothered to log onto her own account on the computer (a few seconds at most), then I don't know how enthusiastic she will be about scanning, naming, tagging, folders, etc. I'd strongly suggest one person in charge of the electronic records (that's me in our house), and one account (that's me in our house), and email/share notes as necessary. My wife insists on keeping paper records of all sorts of stuff. That's her thing, and I don't touch it, because I have gone paperless and don't ever want to go back. Eventually, I am hoping to ween her off of paper :)

Anyhow, you'd need two premium accounts if you wanted to go about being paperless, and that is going to get kind of expensive unless you are both heavy users. In my house, I easily generate several gigabytes of data a month, while my wife has megabytes at most, so she couldn't max out a free Evernote account if she tried.

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