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(Archived) Evernote Integration with NeatDesk?

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I've used Neatreceipts/Neatworks/etc for several years. I have a love/hate relationship with it. The software can be problematic occasionally. But when it works, it's great. Their database has specific fields for dates, vendor, amount, payment method, comments, phone numbers, etc. Different templates depending upon if the scan is a receipt, business card or "document". Also, the strong point of their software is to learn to identify data from receipts, business cards and documents and plug that data into the fields. I suspect that's something EN isn't interested in adopting, at least at this point in time.

BTW, AFAIK, they don't manufacture their scanners. They are rebadged and possibly different firmware for Neatco. I do know the candy bar scanner that came with my software is a rebadged Plustek Opticslim. Neatco's claim to fame is the software.

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Hi BurgersNFries,

Full disclosure: I'm an employee of The Neat Company. Glad to hear you've been a long time user. As you stated in your post, what makes NeatWorks unique is our ability to automatically detect and parse key data from receipts and business cards. Users can then utilize this data to create expense reports, tax reports or send data out to other applications such as Quicken or Outlook. These are some of the ways NeatWorks is different from Evernote. However, we do have a number of customers who use both applications in complementary ways. Below is a link to short article written by one of our long time users on how to use Neat and Evernote together to stay organized and productive.


Additionally, I wanted to clarify that we manufacture both our scanner models that come bundled with NeatReceipts and NeatDesk. In our early years, we did white label a scanner from Plustek for a short period of time. However, several years ago we designed and engineered our own scanners.


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I use the NeatDesk with Evernote. As others have pointed out, Neat Works does some pretty complex things by finding and parsing data into fields but I don't use that at all. NeatWorks also has the ability to scan to an OCR'd PDF. I have it setup to automatically save every document into my "Evernote" folder, and Evernote for Windows automatically uploads the PDF to Evernote. I've found it a pretty good way to archive my documents.

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