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(Archived) Taggy app makes selecting a parent tag search child tags.



Taggy makes your Evernote tags function as you want them to: hierarchically. Check it out in the Mac App Store:


Taggy for Evernote

Hi everyone!

You might know me as the guy who started the thread "Shouldn't selecting a parent tag search child tags?" Well, the short story is that I'm just some guy on the internet who spent his weekend creating a little utility to make Evernote work better for me, and I figured I would share it with the community. So, I hope you enjoy it! The link above includes a video of how it works. And here's the long story:

For many people, it’s annoying that searching for a tag in Evernote does not find notes filed under child tags. Taggy solves this problem. Essentially, Taggy iterates over all of your notes, looks at their tags, and auto-tags them with their parent tags as well.

Example tags: food -> dessert -> donuts

Clicking “Hierarchify” will change notes tagged with “donuts” to be tagged with all three: “food, dessert, donuts.” Clicking “Un-Hierarchify” will change notes tagged with “food, dessert, donuts” to be tagged with just “donuts.”

Using this tagging scheme which Taggy creates for you automatically, organizing your tags into a tree structure will make them act that way during searches.

As an avid Evernote user myself, I made this tool to help Evernote work better for me and it has allowed me to be more productive with my notetaking. I hope that it helps you as well!

More info: Taggy for Evernote

Philip Brocoum

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Great app. I especially love the log.txt as helpful if you want to manually change anything Taggy does. And that's how I discovered a caveat for users.

I use a Misc parent tag for tags that are unrelated to tag categories (e.g., "phone" to tag notes that I know I can and want to access through the mobile site's saved-search browsing). However, I don't want all (498) notes with that tag also tagged with Misc because the Misc parent also contains other unrelated tags. So, I have moved all child tags out of Misc and up to top level—a little more cluttered tag tree but better than grouping all under Misc. I caught it early and was able to manually remove Misc from the hundred or so notes that I had already "hierachified".

Good work and thanks very much for making this available virtually for free, too. You're one of the good guys! (although I must admit to a strong aversion to using "air" installers like the Mac App Store)

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I would rather checkboxes than a dropdown menu to select notebooks to hierarchify so that multiple notebooks could be done at once. It is going to take me a long take to do weekly maintenance of my notebooks of I have to babysit it through each notebook.

I can see however that with a stalled status bar, it would be difficult to gauge the length of time needed or remaining if Taggy is working on a large number of notebooks.

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Here's a quick tip that I learned from some other guy. Although you can bulk tag notes by dragging them onto a tag, you cannot bulk UN-tag notes, unfortunately. A little trick, using your Misc example above, is to create a new tag called Misc2, drop Misc into it, and then delete Misc (Evernote will give you the option, but make sure NOT to delete sub-tags!). You can then rename Misc2 to Misc if you want.

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