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(Archived) Outlook 2011 tasks & Evernote

Viv Ilo Veith


I would be interested in hearing how Evernote Evangelists are using Outlook 2011 with Evernote.

Has anyone written some script to connect the two?

(Yes, I know you can email items back and forth between Evernote and Outlook. I do that.)

Right now I am using a matching Category (Outlook) and Tag (Evernote) so I can do searches in the same manner.

But what I would love is code that could search Evernote for Project Tags and make them into Tasks in Outlook.

HOWEVER, I am new to using Outlook on the Mac so I am still experimenting how I will use the task and calendar functions.

(Calendar does not sync with iCal so I am looking at using OL Calendar mainly as a task/day scheduler.)

If I figure out answers to my own questions I will post them here in case they are of use to others.

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It is taking a bit to get used to Outlook 2011 but overall I like it a lot. I think it is far superior to Mail. Mail is the one that really surprises me! It is an Apple program and yet its clunky. You'd think Apple'd get the hang of writing a Mac application. I am fleeing to Outlook out of eternal frustration with Mail. From what I hear from other users - Outlook is just a renamed Entourage with a little window-dressing. (Pun half-intended.) I never used it as Entourage so I have no comparison.

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Sorry - I looked at Outlook 2011 and my eyes started to bleed :). They still haven't really got the hang of writing a Mac application yet have they?

That's ok, Apple hasn't really gotten the hang of writing a Windows app either *cough* iTunes *cough*... :)

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