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(Archived) Question about syncing


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So i have auto sync turned to manual. But whenever i open EN it syncs on open. So turned on only sync automatically over WI-FI.

Now when i open EN it says WI-FI unavailable, which i would expect. But then when i click sync it doesn't start syncing. it says WI-FI unavailable.

Is this a defect or a feature?

i kinda wanted it to sync when i wanted over 3g

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I have a (sort of) similar issue.

I set the WiFi option on automatic sync, so that the app should only sync automatically when I am connected to WiFi. But that causes manual sync to be impossible - if I try to initiate a sync manually it will just tell me it is syncing, but no notes will be uploaded.

- shannon

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Thank you for the response.

I think it would be helpful if the UI could be changed to reflect this behavior. Obviously it is not a critical issue, but it is confusing - the application claims to be syncing, but no data actually moves.

Also, the UI message when you save a note should (in my opinion) be changed. Right now it says "Uploading note", but actually it is just saving the note locally.

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