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(Archived) How to search for items with no tags?



I'm getting familiar with EN's search operators, but so far I can't figure out how to do a search for all items that have yet to be tagged with any tag.

I tried this string, "notebook:"NameOfNotebook" -tag:" but that still brought up items with tags.


newbie (but Premium) user who's converting their entire office to EN

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And moving up to a more distinct case, here is how I find a note that is missing a specific tag:

notebook:Politics "Barack Obama*" -tag:"Obama Barack"

notebook:Politics "President Obama*" -tag:"Obama Barack"

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I've noticed that the -tag search doesn't work on my iphone and on the website.

Any suggestion?

The correct search string is: -tag:*

It appears to work fine on the Web. Can't speak to whether it works on the iPhone.

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