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(Archived) Is there a keyboard command to select the notebook name?



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Thanks for responding Dave. I hope you'll consider adding a command to place the focus on the notebook chooser list which appears in each note. It would be great to not have to use the mouse for this one thing, when everything else can be done from the keyboard. For instance, the ability to use the arrow keys once this list has been clicked is already there, and we can already type the first few letters of the notebook we'd like to choose and it responds as expected. This option would seriously speed the process of emptying the inbox with the way I use Evernote.

Thanks for great software and an interesting podcast too. I look forward to your usage cases. You mentioned that you were looking for more. Here's mine:

Ubiquitous Inbox - capture and forget about it for now.

Evernote desktop client is my ubiquitous inbox in my office, and is used in conjunction with a ScanSnap scanner. Away from the desk, or to record a note or snap a picture, I use the iOS client on a current generation iPod touch which is always in my pocket.

Items in my Evernote inbox get processed daily when all goes according to plan. When it doesn't, I don't worry about things slipping through the cracks as they're waiting patiently and out of sight in my default Evernote notebook which is simply called "Inbox".

I have 7 notebooks in addition to my Inbox notebook. In GTD terminology these are my horizons of focus. These are used only when a project in one of the horizons is on the front burner and being frequently referrenced. These notebooks are NOT longterm storage and get emptied on a regular basis.

Horizons of Focus

1. EverythingDulcimer.com (a website I manage)

2. Dulcimer Players News Magazine (a quarterly magazine I edit & publish)

3. DulcimerSchool.com (a subscription based online learning site I co-own)

4. Musician (what I am in addition to all the other things I do to make a living)

5. Health/Personal (taking care of myself)

6. Home (items I need around the house and for home improvement projects)

Longterm Storage

7. General Reference. (This is the final resting place for everything.)

Emptying the Inbox - It is either a task, project or reference item.

If the note is task or a project, then it goes into OmniFocus (insert your favorite task management system here) and gets deleted from the inbox.

If the note contains something I might want to reference, then it gets a clearly descriptive name. This makes it easier to pick out, or ignore, in an Evernote search generated list. (I'm one of those people that Dave mentioned in the last podcast that trusts the search engine to find my items, rather than spending a lot of time messing with tags, though this isn't how I started over a year ago.) For me tags are temporary unless they pertain to something I would naturally want to see in a list. For instance: books or music I want to buy, descriptions of workshops I teach, design ideas, performance setlists, vocabulary words, content ideas, receipts pertaining to a particular trip or project etc. Evernote is NOT where I keep things that are context based, like shopping items. These go in OmniFocus. To me, Evernote IS a context, that context being reference material and lists.

I guess I could go on and on about how this gets used on a daily basis, but this gives you a general idea of how I use this amazing software.

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I think that it would be better if the use case stuff (most of the long post) went into a separate post (there are others out there on the topic of "How I use Evernote", etc.), so that it's more likely to be read by folks who want information on the may ways to use Evernote.

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Can you suggest a particular thread? I'm happy to repost. I'd even be willing to expand the section on how I use Evernote with Omnifocus and Curio if anyone was interested.

Omnifocus - task management

Curio - brainstorming, idea exploration and development

Evernote - reference

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Hmmm, searching for an example of one of those isn't so easy. :) I just browsed a bit.

Anyways, here's one: http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=24360. Or just make a "How I use Evernote" post, probably in the General Discussion about Evernote forum.

Oh, apropos of not too much related to Evernote -- I play in a band with a dulcimer (Appalachian, not hammered) player -- except that he's built his own electric dulcimers, and plays them like a guitar rather than in his lap. Interesting instrument.

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