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Typing characters with umlauts and other accents in Evernote


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I recently installed Evernote on my Windows XP computer at home. I also run it (Evernote 4.0.1) on my iTouch 3. When I type a note using a bluetooth keyboard on my iTouch, I can easily type in accented characters like u with umlaut or e with an accent using standard keyboard shortcuts.

When I try to type the same characters into a note on my Windows system, I cannot produce them, either with keyboard shortcuts (ones that work in MS Word for example) or even ASCII codes. I can view accented characters in notes that were created on my iTouch, and I can paste accented characters into notes from other documents and see them. But I cannot type them into a note directly on my Windows system.

I must be missing something very simple, because it seems unlikely that one couldn't do this. Can anyone suggest what I might be doing wrong?


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Does this have the same problem when you type in the body of a note and in the title of a note, or does it work correctly in one place and not in the other?

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It is the same in subject line or in note text. I can't seem to type an accented character in directly.

Example, if I create 'ü' in Textpad by typing SH+CTL+:, u, I can copy and paste that ü into a note, but I cannot create it in either the subject line or body of the text directly using those same key combinations.

Update: a possibly related issues I notice: if I search my existing notes (creating on iTouch, with accented characters) for the character 'ü', the search finds only instances of 'u' and overlooks the 'ü's that are present in the notes.

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I think it's a bug that we don't handle the Alt+xxxx keycodes properly; we'll look into that. However, if you have the ability to install the United States - International keyboard layout on your PC, it provides a much more convenient way to enter accented characters and EN4 does support that method. You can find more details about using it here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/306560

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