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(Archived) Windows Evernote Search & Mac Search: Timelines



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Thanks, found it in the Mac version too just need to work out how to do 'future' context time searches so I can use it for Todos :lol:

I can put fixed future dates, but 'moving' ones like 'Next Week' or 'Next Month'


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No, I don't think that they've added the future date specification to the search syntax (e.g. 'created:week+1', if you're overloading the created date for due date). The future date extension to the date search terms was mentioned by Dave E some number of months ago. I'd guess that they'll come in once due dates (or subject dates, whatever) are supported in the UI (a field called 'Subject', for subject date, I think, is already in the Windows client, but you can't change it via the UI or do anything else with it).

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Evernote is super at managing memories and things that happened in the past.

As you have figured out, the lack of a Due Date cripples Evernote's ability to handle stuff in the future. Also, 3rd party companies and GTD developers have their hands tied until the Due Date field is operational.

There is hope however.

Just over a month ago, Phil Libin, the CEO of Evernote, made a comment about the Due Date addition.

He said it was "Definitely coming soon."


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