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(Archived) If Evernote Went Out of Business

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Hello! I was imagining a worst case scenario, per my trait, and was wondering what would happen to our server stored, online notebooks if Evernote Corp. were to close down, anywhere in the near or far, far away future?

Would our data be protected from being deleted, given away, sold, etc.? I am imagining you guys will do very well, so perhaps there's no need to worry, but just in case.


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We take privacy pretty seriously, so there are two parts to your worse-case scenario: how can you get your data from Evernote, and how will we protect it on our servers?

There was a discussion on the Windows board about the different ways you can (and will be able to) get your notes out of Evernote if you should ever choose to do so for any reason:


This is relevant if something bad happened to the company (California falls into the sea), but also if you just choose to move on. We have no intention or desire to "lock you in" to Evernote ... we think you'll keep using it because it's valuable to you, not because we're holding you hostage. The local clients ensure that you always have a copy of all of your data on your computer, so you have a level of protection that no "web only" service can offer.

There's a short entry on our blog that discusses our current efforts for privacy and security. Data in your account is never shared with any third parties (unless you choose to publish or share it), and that includes any "worst case" scenarios.

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Here's another thought:

Could Evernote add to it's business plan that should it ever go out of business, they could release the code, and encourage individuals to set up their own hosting service for the client to access?

I run Mediawiki on my work's server, for example. No matter what happens to Wikipedia, I will always have my own Wiki up and running.



Please hurry up and start charging for this service. You guys deserve $$ for this awesome program.

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