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(Archived) Any suggestions for maximising my Evernote usage?

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Hi all,

I just returned to Evernote after stopped using it since version 3 (to give you an idea how long ago that was), and I am looking forward to utilise Evernote as much as possible for my activities. I have a netbook, PC and a smart phone to use Evernote with. When I had a look at the Trunk, however, I am instantly overwhelmed by the amount of extra tools that are compatible with Evernote. A lot of them are very interesting to me, but I'm afraid I can't bear to try all of them...

So instead of looking through the entirety of the trunk, I'm going to just ask the community: what are the best ways or tools to maximise my Evernote usage?

I will be using Evernote primarily for organising academic journal articles that I gathered digitally, keeping track of my academic research project, as well as organising my thoughts and ideas for blogging, article and story writing.

Back then I quit using Evernote because I couldn't find myself attached to it. All I did with Evernote back then was to type in simple notes, which I thought was redundant when I could easily be using a notepad (both digital and physical) to do the exact same thing. I would like to come back to try more innovative ways to take notes that Evernote has to offer.

Thanks for reading through my blubbering. I appreciate it greatly if you can offer some suggestions on how I can use Evernote so that I don't feel as lost/overwhelmed. I'm happy to clarify more info if that helps.

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