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(Archived) Suggestion: Comprehensive Handwriting


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There's a lot of us out there with styli for our android phones/tablets. I know that I am disappointed at the lack of applications filling this niche.

The application would be very simple: one touch draws a line, two touches zooms/slides. That's it! If you wanted to get fancy, you could probably throw in some lines to write on, and every thirty lines or so, a page break. Export to pdf or jpg for printing/review- but all optional.

I've tried tons of note taking apps over the past year, and honestly none of them that I've found for android allowed you to make a handwritten note, and then slide the page to keep on writing. I think it was Evernote for PC that I saw had the handwriting part, but it wasn't on the mobile version! Until any application supports this functionality, i won't use any- i absolutely won't type my notes, that's why I have a laptop. Being a chemist, I need to draw a LOT!

I just saw Dan Bricklin's Note Taking HD app for iPad, and I thought "Android is just as mature as iOS- I'm surprised we don't have something comparable yet." So I thought that you folks at evernote would be the most capable of integrating a simple feature into your already very mature application.

Thanks for reading!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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