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(Archived) Support for HP EPrint

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The new HPEPrint printers have app functionality. Is there any plans to have an App for the hp scanners/printers to allow direct scanning into evernote?

For the time being it is simple enough to just scan to E-Mail but it would be nice to be able to scan directly into evernote.



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If you're talking about a desktop Evernote client, you should be able to set up an import folder and direct your scans there.

Can you explain this a little more? I don't understand how this works...I have an hp Officejet 7310 All-in-One. When I scan, I can scan directly to my Mac, but not sure how to have it scan directly to Evernote? (If I'm understanding your response, that is)


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I don't know exactly how it works in Mac-land, but in Windows, there is a menu option (Tools / Import Folders...) that allows you to set up folders for automatic import into Evernote, meaning that you put a file in the folder, and Evernote imports it automatically. You can set it up to import to a specific notebook, and also you can choose whether Evernote deletes the file from the import directory after importing it.

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I think he means an app for the HP ePrint function which allows to store the document from the display of the printer to an EN notebook, with tags and so one. There is an app inside which stores documents to Google Docs.

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