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Apologies if I missed this somewhere. When I "Paste without formatting" (Mac) I still get automatic hyperlinks. This is frustrating when I am pasting command line snippets, as hyperlinks are generated for unrecognised filetypes (e.g. extensions ".nc", ".pro").

I'm currently doing right-click shift-cmd-K to remove each manually. "Simplify Formatting" doesn't do anything obvious, and I can't see a "Remove Formatting" in the web interface anymore (though this would still be a slow option).

Is this a bug or a feature? Any plans to change it, or allow it to be switched off, as I can in Word? Or will I just have to use an external app to make true plain text?

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I agree that this is a problem, Paste Without Formatting does not work with hyperlinks the same was it does in the Windows version. This is a huge problem for me, so please get this fixed or it is going to cause me problems with doing much of my work in the Mac version.

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