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(Archived) req: drag'n'drop tags to search-window?

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sometimes, i search for some notes with only a searchterm.

on my way trouth all the notes EN found so far,

i realise, that i want to narrow down the results with adding a tag found in one of the notes.

the normal (and very unfast with my tags) way is to now browse through the tags and press CMD (afair) and then select the tag with the mouseclick.

the way i'd like to suggest and discuss with you would/could be:

rightclick on the tag from one of the notes and select "add tag 'foobar' to current search"

or, just drag'n'drop the tag from the note to the searchfield. (EN then recognize/identifies that dragged text as an tag and won't enter it as a new search-term.

what do you people think about this?

this i mostly about speed, while working with EN. and it is more convenient as to browse to long lists of tags.

(and NO, i don't want to type "-tag: the tag with the longes name in the world has just been ruled by a tag with an even longer name" into the searchfield. ;)

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