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(Archived) List View not working?



Hi all,

I'm new to Evernote and have a quick question about the "list view". I have two different notes in a Notebook title Research Paper, but when I look at the contents of that notebook in list view, I only see one of the two notes, not both notes. I have to switch to 'mixed view' or "thumbnail view" to see all of the notes in that particular notebook. Is there a way to see all of your notes in a given notebook using "list view"? Or does it only show your most recent note.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Hi. Just to clarify. I am working on a Mac OS, with Evernote on the Desktop. When I click the "list view" icon, I am not getting a view of all of my notes lined up in a particular list, which is I presume the functionality that is associated with this feature. Perhaps there is a window that is minimized, and which I need to expand to see the list of notes. Has anyone else run into this issue with the List View?


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Thanks JMU. I just realized that the problem was that I had accidentally minimized the 'list view' window. Just below the top toolbar there is a little dot that you can click on and pull up or down to reveal or conceal the list of notes. It was as I was playing around with filters that I first noticed this feature, so indirectly, you helped solve my problem!

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