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(Archived) Define Offline Notebook


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I have a Sprint Evo 4G Android phone. I find that notes I have created or edited since December (past four months) are available even when my Evo is offline. If I go Premium, would that mean all my notes in all my notebooks would be available when I have no Internet connection? Or only notebooks I designate to be available offline? or do I have to create specifically offline notebooks?

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Once you've looked at a note on the device, it gets cached - so presumably either you've created all the ones since December on the Evo, or you've at least looked at them there. (I don't know whether there's any timeout / space restriction on this though, to stop the phone getting clogged up with more notes than it has the capacity to store.)

As baumgarr says, you can choose which (if any) of your Notebooks you choose to always store offline if/when you go premium. That won't (AFAIK) affect the caching of notes that aren't in your designated offline notebooks though.


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