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(Archived) Feature Suggestion: Paste into existing note

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I think that the following suggestion has already been asked for in the past; I searched for it but did not come across anything similar.

What I would like to see added to Evernote (at least to Evernote for a laptop) is the option to manually designate a (existing) note to

paste content in. Let me explain with a case from my daily life:

Regularly, I follow several Photoshop tutorials (in text) of the same subject, altogether at the same time on different websites. I take

excerpts of important information out of the tutorials and make a single document of them.

Now, I think Evernote can seamlessly integrate with that type of workflow if the user can choose to which note content will be copied to.

Honestly, from reading the manual and the blog, I thought that was the point: making notification easier, without the back and forth copy-

and-pasting. For me, it is logical that if there is an option in the menu "New Note", the option to "Paste into..." would be to paste into an

existing, designated note.

But this is just my logic and I don't claim to be a professional! Correct me if I'm wrong..

To conclude I'll put in steps what feature I would like to see:

-by making a new note, a user designates that note as the one which content will be pasted in, until he (explicitly) makes a new note.

-"Paste to Evernote" does not make a new note unless there is no open note/ designated note to paste content in.

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