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(Archived) READ THIS. Where is the palm os version promised?

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Why hasn't Evernote released a Palm OS version yet?

According to Bloomberg:

Palm had 13.4 percent of the market for advanced phones in the first quarter, up from 7.9 percent in the previous period, according to Framingham, Massachusetts-based research firm IDC. Apple's share fell to 19.2 percent from 26.7 percent.

Please read the article before you see this:

http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid= ... refer=home :)

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Unfortunately it appears they do not support the palm os but i could be wrong. They only appear to support the windows mobile version!!! What can we do ?

Evernote is by far the most powerful note collector on the internet and 3.0 is a huge product with plentiful options coming in the future releases. Evernote is a life changing application with the potential to redifine the note collecting market especially in the GTD application arena.

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For now, we recommend using Evernote on the Palm via:

* Email photos and new text notes to the incoming email address on your web Settings page

* Search for and read your notes via the mobile web UI: http://www.evernote.com/m

We are actively working to improve our IMAP/POP3 gateway so that it will be usable for large numbers of people. Once we complete this, you will also be able to use a mail client to read the notes in your account.

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Unfortunately the web mobile version of the palm web browser blazer does not work at all with evernote mobile so we can only e-mail images and photos to the palm. I am using a verizon wireless 755p which is considered to be a very good pda phone.

I am a strong supporter of evernote however, and believe when the fixes come that they will be amazing like all your other versions. 2.2 is a killer applications.

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Ok we can get web access from there. This is good and exciting!!!. it does let you view them on the palm.

You should, however, find some way to get this working on the palm. Remember there is over a 1 million centros wakling around the US and growing fast. (Verizon got the centro 4 days ago) What is the ETA time on a Palm solution?

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I can now read the palm stuff on the web. I got it to work. I am still not sure what to do about it -- if they had a direct mobile reader for the palm

it would be a real incentive for them. I think a lot of palm users would go ape. That would kill the one note dependency of a lot of people.

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I love when people complain about lack of certain versions of a FREE SERVICE.
Yeah! Users should just shut up and never say anything because the company are doing it for free and the opinions of people using the service just aren't worth hearing.

Oh hang on. It's not free. And I'm a customer who would like to buy a service.

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I'd like a Palm client please.

I use a Palm TX (PDA, not smart phone) and would also love to have an Evernote client that would hot sync with EN desktop. I rely so much upon my PDA & have alot of third party programs installed on it. It would be great to be able to have my Evernotes on it as well.

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We have recently released the Service API for 3rd party development, so all you Palm developers, request your key and get coding!

More info here:


Of course, once you've written your super-cool PalmOS Evernote client, we'd love to see it, and shower you with all due praise to your amazing awesomness.

I'm not a Palm developer, but I'd love it if someone DID create EN for Palm OS, that would hot sync with the EN desktop and would be willing to pay for such an app. :D

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