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(Archived) Uploading Livescrib Notes to evernote (HELP!)



I am having trouble uploading my files to Evernote. Every time I upload the audio files or any file, the program (Live scribe desktop) freezes up after 5 minutes or so of it uploading, and the only message I get is, Error. Help please, If I can't get it done then I throwing the dang pen and getting refund lol. I had it for over 2 month and been stuck with problem the same problem. It would be lovely to be able to use the Ever Note account I PAID for. :?

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I would suggest you first contact Livescribe support. If the notes are getting rejected by EN, LS should be able to tell you why. Also, you would need to eliminate any other problems occurring in LS, since EN support can only deal with why they are rejecting notes or dealing with a problem once the note is in your Evernote database.

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