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(Archived) Feature Parity with Windows & RTF from iOS clients

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Hey, so how about the basics. Be nice to have strike through on the Mac client as well as the windows client just like it would be great to be have the check box tool on the iOS clients just like the Windows and Mac desktop clients.

Also, be great to not have to append notes via iOS device clients. Why can't we edit rich text again?

Thanks, and no complaints, I realize Trunk helps keep this terrific tool free, but I think feature parity along w/the Append fix would really go a long way w/the existing base.

My 2c.

J.C. Bouvier



Bouvier Consulting


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Yes, virtually all of our revenue comes from Premium subscriptions from people who upgrade their accounts. Everything else (advertisements in Free clients, T-shirt sales, etc.) is negligible, and we make no money at all from the Trunk. (In fact, we actually pay money to developers who make apps that refer new users to Evernote via our affiliate program.)

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