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(Archived) Forgotten information ... is lost information



1 - Forgotten information ... is lost information

It is what is happening with my 1900 notes ...

I need to sync Evernote with Awesome Note (iPhone) to really get organized, to turn Evernote useful out of home.

This could be solved if Evernote had only one more field ... "Due Date" AND the possibility to order by ... "Due Date", of course.

Just one more field, please … Is it difficult to implement? Maybe. But I (premium user) will pay to enjoy this feature!

2 - And speaking of ordering ...

Why can't I, mere mortal, sort the notes by "my"order and not just by the order the builder of Evernote predefined ?

I need some notes, today, on the top of the list regardless of title, date of modification or creation ...

It's just a "drag and drop" (lots of Apps do that)

Is it difficult to implement? Maybe. But I (premium user) will pay to enjoy this feature, too.

3 - Links ... essential ... they are an output port

In the lot of many notes there are relations between them ... but Evernote does not allow the trivial links that already exist in many applications for so many years ...

So I have to repeat information in different notebooks that often gets me into trouble, of course ...

Is it difficult to implement, too? Maybe. But I (premium user) will pay to enjoy this feature :-)



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1. Due Dates - IIRC This is something that EN are working on.

See: viewtopic.php?f=30&t=16130#p64175

2. I believe this has been dicussed before, can't remember the outcome - Will find the thread.

Ok, this may be of help a little:


Seems EN are looking into it. Not sure if there are more informative threads on the subject.

3. Links - This has been discussed, ad nauseam...I believe that this is something that EN are looking into introducing...AFAIK it is not as easy as it may sound, considering the different platforms it has to support.

Scott :)

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No problem. Sometimes searching the forum will find prior discussions of the topic you're interested in; sometimes it's hard to tell what search terms you should use,so it can be a bit of a crapshoot.

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You're welcome :)

Like jefito said, no problem. I personally don't like forum search engines...they tend to be hit and miss at the best of times...

Unless I know exactly what it is I am searching for, and who said it, which makes it easier for the forum to find it, I just use google...

for instance:

site:forum.evernote.com forgotten information

returns this thread first...so helpful if you only know a couple of relevant words in the thread...


No need to be sorry, this is what a forum is for answering questions :D


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