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(Archived) Welcome, and FAQ (read this first)

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Welcome to the General Discussion forum for the Evernote Beta service and clients. This is the forum to use for discussing issues, questions, and suggestions that are not specific to a single platform such as Evernote Beta for Windows, Mac, Mobile, or Web.

We'll attempt to maintain a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions from this forum under this topic. You should skim over the rest of this topic before posting to this forum to see whether your question has already been addressed here.

To receive technical support with problems/bugs, or to submit feedback or suggestions, please contact Evernote directly through our Contacts page:

For more general questions, do a quick search here to see whether your question has already been answered, and then post your question here. Try to provide as much information about your configuration as possible: OS, client version, etc.

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As Phil Libin (Evernote's CEO) notes in this announcement post, the Evernote Beta provides early access to a new set of functionality which allows users to capture and retrieve memories any time, anywhere. The Evernote Beta service provides seamless access from a number of new platforms such as Mac OS X, web browsers, and mobile phones.

Achieving this level of portability and access means that some of the features of the current shipping Evernote for Windows (version 2.2.1) have not yet been added into the cross-platform Evernote Beta. Evernote's plan is to add the same level of functionality into the new software as we continue the Beta testing process. The implementation and presentation of each feature may change in the process, but our goal is to bring the same level of power to the Evernote Beta system.

We recognize that the Evernote Beta software may not yet meet all of the requirements of some (many?) of the current users of Evernote 2.2 for Windows. While we feel confident that the new Evernote will eventually satisfy virtually all Evernote 2.2 users, in the short term many users may prefer to stay with the current shipping release (2.2.1) rather than participating in the Beta test. In most cases, we don't have a specific date for releasing each missing 2.2 operation.

Evernote 2.2 users who wish to test Evernote Beta can install the new software on the same computer as Evernote 2.2, and they can import their Evernote 2.2 database into a separate new Evernote 3 database for parallel operation.

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Notebooks created within the Evernote service are secure and private by default, but you can choose to open up a Notebook to the public through any of our application interfaces.

See the following post from Evernote's blog for information about publishing a notebook to a public web URL:

http://blog.evernote.com/2008/04/21/pub ... our-notes/

Public notebooks can be added to your own web pages, blogs, or social networking pages using the Evernote Widget, as described in this post:


Evernote plans to add additional levels of sharing for Notebooks in the next few months to give even more levels of control over the people who can view your public notebooks.

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Evernote's image processing libraries can extract and index text from a wide variety of images, which allows you to search for those images later through any Evernote client interface.

There are a number of variables that can affect Evernote's ability to recognize text within images. Bright lighting and a steady camera can greatly reduce the blurriness in images, which helps Evernote recognize text.

Many low-end digital cameras (such as those in most camera phones) have lenses with a "focal length" that makes it difficult to take clear pictures of objects that are very close to the camera. In many cases, text recognition may improve by moving the target (e.g. a business card) further from the camera so that the text comes into focus better.

Evernote can recognize text that is rotated at various angles within the image, but images of flat, horizontal text may produce better results than curved, rotated text.

Higher resolution pictures may help recognition in some cases, but text clarity from these other factors is frequently more important than raw megapixels.

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Here's a list of applications and plug-ins that are known to cause Evernote to fail:

Opera web browser - drag-and-drop does not work in our web UI

Safari 4 (OS X) - cut-and-paste to Evernote may fail

"CookiePie" Firefox extension - breaks our web UI

Windows Mobile - Chinese "fontpatch" cab prevents Evernote for WM from synchronizing. Use CE-Star software (www.mobem.com) to display Chinese text as an alternative.

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