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(Archived) Forum reorganization

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We have recently reorganized the Evernote forums to help guide new users to find information and post questions.

Forums for discussing the current Evernote Beta service and software are now organized under the Evernote Beta category:

Forums for discussing the Evernote 2 software for Windows, including Evernote 2.1 and 2.2, are now organized under the Evernote 2 category:

The following forums have been placed into the Archives category due to outdated topics or unclear/ambiguous subjects. Archived forums are not listed on the top-level Board Index, but they may still be accessed from the Archives page HERE . However, we recommend that new topics be submitted to one of the forums, above, for maximum visibility.

    [*:3bx68haj]Evernote 1.5 Discussions
    [*:3bx68haj]Closed Beta -- Desktop-2-Desktop Sync
    [*:3bx68haj]Technology Preview -- EverNote for Pocket PC and Windows Smartphone
    [*:3bx68haj]Closed Beta -- EverNote Outlook Extension
    [*:3bx68haj]What EverNote Does for Me...
    [*:3bx68haj]Template Specific Questions
    [*:3bx68haj]Hardware Specific Issues
    [*:3bx68haj]How Do I Use EverNote?
    [*:3bx68haj]Suggestions/Wish List
    [*:3bx68haj]EverNote Outlook Extension
    [*:3bx68haj]Frequently Asked Questions
    [*:3bx68haj]Technology Preview -- EverNote for Windows Mobile
    [*:3bx68haj]General Discussion

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