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(Archived) Livescribe notes not text searchable



I am using the latest version of Livescribe with Evernote.

I have created some notes with Livescribe and that OCRS my writing fine.

Ive sync'd them to EVERNOTE.

However if i search on some text, none of the words are found.

My handwriting isnt that bad.

What gives?


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Are your notes in PDF format? OCR for handwriting works better in jpeg format.


Also, be sure you've sync'd the notes UP to the EN servers, allowed time to have them OCR'd (premium accounts have higher priority & are done typically in an hour or so) then sync'd DOWN to your desktop.

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If your Livescribe software is already OCRing your notes, I would believe it creates PDF files with keywords or something somewhere? I would look how it's doing that, and maybe import the PDFs it already creates instead.

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It doesnt OCR automatically definitely not before exporting to EVERNOTE.

However i got it to work. I just needed to wait a few hours for the photo recognition magic to happen.

Also It doesn't do partial word recognition 'heck' versus 'check' or recognize names...

Pretty cool though.

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