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(Archived) Importing a 2.2 database loses tags

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By default (unless you check the corresponding checkbox during import), we import only manually assigned tags, not autocategories. We also do not import 'seed' autocategories which were pre-populated in every 2.x database. This might be the reason.

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Good thought, but these were all manually assigned categories. Most notes have 2 categories, the 2nd being a sub-category of the first. Only the parent category becomes a tag.

To understand you correctly:

Imagine you have categories "Computers" and sub-tag "Apple". Is the note manually assigned to both "Computers" and "Apple" at the same time? How the categories are displayed on the notebar of the note? "Computers; Apple" (a screenshot would be helpful)? What do you get after importing? Just "Computers"? Do you have the tag "Apple" is listed anywhere else in the category tree, e.g. "Fruits" > "Apple"?

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