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(Archived) sending notes to friends shared notebook



greetings & salutations,

my employer has a premium account, he has shared a notebook with me and asked me to start adding notes to it.

I do not have a premium account (and of course am already @ my limit)

I did some searching on teh forums but could not find out how to add notes to a notebook that has been shared with you.

we are both using evernote for mac, and the evernote google extension.

I need to be able to add notes to his notebook that he shared with me from the google chrome extension.

Is this possible or am i rollin' my own, so to speak. :)

tytytyty, and my apologies as i can has not teh time to figger it out. :(

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You will need to either sign in to your account on the web or your MAC Client. Once signed in you will see the notebook that has been shared with you under the Sharing Area. Open up the note and edit away. You do not need a Premium account to edit a shared notebook.

Hope this helps

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hey thx for the tip,

i wish that it did help,

i can only get to the shared notebook from the web interface, even then I can only add notes to it teh 'hard' way, cut n paste.

ideally i would like to be able to add noted to a notebook my employer has shared with me via the evernote extension in chrome,

there's a clever little dropdown that lets you dump the note right into a notebook, i would like it to display the shared notebook so i can add to it.

i've synched up everything, closed and restarted the client and browser,

in the mac client i cannot access the shared notebook.

thx for taking the time to look.

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