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(Archived) Chrome Clipper Extension


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Two things here:

1) Does evernote have a copy of the Chrome Extension hosted on their own servers somewhere? All the links I find point to the google Chrome Web Store which won't load on my machine (I'm using a custom Chromium compile on WIndows, so the Web store just shows "App unreachable" every time I try to go there).

2) Is there some special ports or something that it requires? I found a copy on cnet which just returns the "Problem communicating with server [HTTP 0]." every time I try to use it.

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Does the clipper require access to a server on a different port number? In my environment, many ports outside of the "usual" (21-23,80, etc) are blocked for security reasons. I frequently run into problems reading press releases hosted on http://something:8080 because it's blocked.

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If it helps (hopefully it does), I enabled Debugging and here's what's in the Log from a failed Clip.

04/14/2011 09:35:59.524 -0500 [DEBUG] [EvernoteRemote] Get: https://www.evernote.com/jclip.action?syncState&{}
04/14/2011 09:35:59.524 -0500 [DEBUG] [EvernoteRemote] doRequest(GET, json, https://www.evernote.com/jclip.action?syncState, {})
04/14/2011 09:35:59.892 -0500 [DEBUG] [EvernoteRemote] Evernote.EvernoteRemote.doRequest failed response
04/14/2011 09:35:59.892 -0500 [DEBUG] [ChromeExtensionRemote] ChromeExtensionRemote.handleHttpError
04/14/2011 09:35:59.892 -0500 [DEBUG] [EvernoteRemote] HTTP [0,success] null
04/14/2011 09:35:59.892 -0500 [ERROR] [ChromePopup] Failed to acquire sync state due to transport errors (0)
04/14/2011 09:35:59.892 -0500 [DEBUG] [ViewManager] Evernote.ViewManager.showHttpError
04/14/2011 09:35:59.892 -0500 [DEBUG] [ViewManager] Evernote.ViewManager.showError
04/14/2011 09:35:59.892 -0500 [DEBUG] [ViewManager] Evernote.ViewManager.extractErrorMessage
04/14/2011 09:35:59.892 -0500 [DEBUG] [ViewManager] Error: Problem communicating with server [HTTP 0].
04/14/2011 09:35:59.893 -0500 [DEBUG] [ViewManager] Resorting to standard message

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Going through that now.. Being Premium, you do get some fast responses but dealing with the usual "You're on a Beta Browser, so it's not supported" stuff is always a pain.

Just reverted to the official Chrome 10, with nothing but the Evernote Clipper. Same problem.

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