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(Archived) Feature request: colour coding, flag, priorities

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Thanks for a great tool. I use it more and more each day. I am also a user of SoHo Notes on the Mac and Iphone and to me Evernote is a more useful tool because of the automatic syncing between my different computers and also the snapshot OCR function.

However I really miss a few things from SoHo Notes and that is the possibility colour code the notes, set priorities and also put flags on notes. I understand that i can use multiple notebooks partly for that purpose but I think those visual element are really needed if i should use it to the same extent as SoHo Notes. Of corse a possibility to sort them in that respect is also needed.

Bengt Falke

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All of those things have been asked for at one time or another -- if you search the forum, you should be able to find ample discussion on the topic. I can't say that I know of any plans to implement these features any time soon, if at all.

Given that, the usual way of dealing with such things like flags and priorities in Evernote is via use of tags. I use a couple of tags that are similar to flags: '_Todo' (for items that are or contain to-do tasks) and '@Star', which are for items of recent interest that I want to look at soon. These are easy for me to find, since I keep them as standalone tags in the top level of my tag tree.

I don't use priorities with Evernote notes, but it's not hard to imagine a subtree of priority tags that contains whatever priorities you use.

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Thank you, Jeff! Yes, i use the tags the same way. But I would like the use of visuals here... ;o)

For me a red flag is better than a tag (among other tags) even if it is marked important, don´t forget or something like that.


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+1 for this request, visuals are always good for usability. I would add the detail that one of the flags would force those flaged nots to always turn up at the top of the list for any notebook, including the ´All Notes´.

My thinking is that at times I am entering very quickly new notes, or seeing notes in passing that I say ´gee, I need to look at that again soon, but not now´, and it would be great to have a simple button with a read flag that I could quickly click on and move on, knowing that when I later look at my ´all notes´ list, these will be right there, with that little red flag waving at me, for me to review.

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