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(Archived) Suggestion for Universal Clipper

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-Can a user control whether or not the alert box pops up after a clip, and if so, how long it is displayed for?

-Can there be an option to strip formatting from text clipped from the web and to use the program's default font and text size instead?

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Do you mean the "1 note added" notification? There are some registry values you can tweak (AlertBoxEnabled, AlertBoxShowTime, AlertBoxKeepTime, AlertBoxHideTime).

As for pasting the plain text, the only way to do this now is copy the HTML content via Copy (Ctrl+C), then goto Evernote, put the caret into new note placeholder and use the 'Paste Special...' command (Ctrl+Shift+V), then use 'plain text' as the option. All formatting will be discarded.

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is there a possibility of being alerted about new note by the way of e-mail or some notification dialog? Or by a change of color of the icon in the toolbar?

I used Note2Self (iPhone app) to "send voice note to my email by one touch" - simple, fast, working well... and never forgot about listening the note because I regulary read email. But I needed another media for notes ... so I am trying Evernote for Mac+iPhone. I love it!

But the problem (and my question) is: when I record (o snap) a note during a day on my iPhone, should I have to run Evernote always to check if there is any new note later on my Mac? (I am forgetting about checking it..). It would be great to be alerted that there is a new note pending. I know that I could start Evernote always I log in my Mac and check the news, but:

1) my "in basket" is simply email (so _automatically_ running and checking Evernote is another step that I should always do after running e-mail even there is no new note in my "evernote in-basket", and Evernote is not so memory efficient to "open it at login")

2) simple toolbar notification (clipper app) could solve this too ... Do you plan something like this?

Thank you very much for your effort and help.


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