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(Archived) Widget disappears after plugs phones via usb as mass storage


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Recently I have installed Evernote on my Android 2.2 (Galaxy Mini). All works greats until I plug my phone via USB as Mass Storage. After unplug my phone Evernote's Widget disappers. Only reinstalling Evernote I can get Widget appears. But when I plug usb the problem go back.


P.D.: sorry for my bad english

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Do you have the app installed on the SDcard? That might be the cause. Consider installing the app on internal storage. The apk footprint is admittedly a bit large currently, however the majority of data is stored in a seperate folder on the SDcard (regardless of where the apk is installed), so it shouldn't increase much after the initial install.

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Same here

HTC Incredible S

Android 2.3.3

Free Evernote 3.0.2 build 149284 on SD card

I'll do nothing and see if it reappears miraculously in a few days for me too. Perhaps even widgets need holidays sometimes.

After I saw my widget had escaped I used the Evernote log to send myself some information in the hope to find out more. The log gave me lots of information I never even knew existed. This was the first use I made of Evernote, just installed it. It looks really good.

I did notice a message in a flash on my computer with the word "synchronize" in it the moment I plugged the USB in. I guess that invokes a synchronize attempt in Evernote, and because it is not supposed to start syncing it get's upset and removes the widget. :lol:

Update: I have been finding out more about this. This is not an Evernote issue, but an Android issue.

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The same thing happened to me [ LGE LS670 (Optimus S) Android 2.2 ]

However, following the advice of the other poster, I moved the Evernote program back to my phone and the widget suddenly reappeared on my widget list and I was able to return it to the Home screen.

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