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(Archived) evernote email does not work any more

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one of the most liked feature of evernote is the email adress, which allows to forward stuff to evernote.

Unfortunately this email adress isn't working anymore...or at least not in a reliable way. 4 out of 5 emails do not reach evernote.

The problem started yesterday it does not depend on the plattform or the email app used.

Straight text emails appear to work. Mails with attachments (200kb pdf) are a problem. I'm far from having reached my monthly upload allowance.

Please help

Mawal premium customer

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We had a small configuration change that we made and unfortunately a couple of the shards did not get the config change that resulted in outbound email not being sent for a couple of hours. This was fixed and all outbound email should be being sent successfully. If you are still not seeing emails being sent to your Evernote email address then please submit a support request at http://www.evernote.com/about/contact/support/ and the support team will troubleshoot this further.

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We had a problem on one of our servers that has now been fixed. The missing emails are being processed now, and we should be caught up within the next two hours.

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