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(Archived) OCR scan outputting

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If I take pictures of some handwritten notes,

1) How do I reduce the content to just the pure text representation (.txt) ? I don't want to keep the original image.

2) Can Evernote weave together handwritten notes on paper copies of powerpoint slides? I have gone to many presentations with crappy use of powerpoint ( I don't care about the lame graphics). I just want to extract the text and ditch the pretty pictures.

3) I have some presentations that have important pictures and I want to extract the text and selected images. How to do this?

I thought Evernote had OCR ability but if it does it is remarkable well-hidden!

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well this is disappointing. Evernote just lost a lot of its potential value to me. I really don't want to keep my chicken scratch notes as is. I need to take my chicken scratch notes and add to them. Usually my handwritten notes are incomplete and need additional information added after the fact.

I should add that my handwriting is bad enough that Evernote fails on the handwriting recognition about 20% of the time so it is rather critical to get a conversion to text for Evernote's search ability to really be useful.

Oh well. Anyhow thanks for letting me know about the search-only aspect of Evernote. Thanks for saving me the time in a fruitless search.

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