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(Archived) Stop Scansnap from saving two copies??



I'm must be doing something wrong, but a Google and forum search haven't shed any light on this problem. :?

My setup: S300M scanner and Intel iMac with OSX 10.6

I added an "Evernote" profile to my Scansnap Manger and my scans go to to Evernote as they should. But they ALSO go to the directory specified in the "Save" tab in Scansnap Manager. After setting up the Evernote profile, the destination listed for "Image saving folder" defaults to my "Pictures" folder. I can change it to another location but I can't stop it from saving. This seems to be a duplicate of what is saved in Evernote and I'd rather not have two copies on my machine for every scan. I'd prefer to only have scans go to Evernote. Those are already saved elsewhere on my computer, yes? Maybe I have this wrong and the "Image saving folder" location holds the only instance of the file, but I thought Evernote keeps its own database elsewhere.

Can someone clear up what must be my misunderstanding of how this works? Thanks.

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I see 24 views. but no replies. Is that because I did a poor job if describing my problem?

Let me ask a related questions of Evernote/Scansnap/Mac users. When you scan a doc to Evernote, do you NOT also get that doc deposited in a folder on your desktop? (i.e. the folder specified in Scansnap Manager). Please reply from personal observation, not what you think it *should* do.

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I don't use a Mac, so my advice might not work.

I use ScanSnap and clean out the folder once every few months or so. I figured it would be nice to have as an extra backup, just in case.

Here is how I would stop the extra copy.

Evernote (Windows):

1.) Create an import folder for Evernote >Tools >Import Folders >Add

2.) Change the Import Folder source column to Delete (this will kill the duplicate file)


1.) Use the ScanSnap manager

2.) Change the Evernote Profile back to the Standard Profile.

3.) Change the Save Tab to the Evernote import folder mentioned above

If this works correctly, the ScanSnap will send the scanned document to the Import Folder

The Import Folder will kick it into Evernote and automatically erase all evidence that it was ever in the Import Folder.

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I wasn't even aware of the problem. Thanks.

As I recall from my limited knowledge of Unix, it has the ability to direct "things" do a null destination. It seems the address was /usr/dev/null or something similar. Could that be a solution?

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