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(Archived) Error message with webclipper and local database


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In evernote 3.5 the webclipper extension for firefox works correctly with the local evernote installation.

But after updating to evernote 4 (Evernote_4.2.3.2.exe, Web Clipper an error message appears if I try to save the clipping in the local desktop installation of Evernote.

“Unable to create Evernote object (0x80040154).“

If I send the clip to Evernote on web it is working. But not with my local database.

What can I do?

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This error indicates that one of the dlls did not properly register with the system during the installation.

You can try the following:

1. Start Task Manager (right-click on the task bar and choose Task Manager or Start Task Manager). In the Task Manager,

press Processes tab and locate EvernoteClipper.exe process. If you can locate it, then click on it and then press End Process

button. Confirm termination.

2. Click Windows Logo (Start) button

2. On Vista or Win 7 type the following into the search box, on XP select Run and type into the run box:


3. On Vista or Win 7, when cmd.exe is found, right click on it and choose "run as administrator".

On XP, just press OK in the Run dialog

4. In the cmd.exe window, change directory to the Evernote installation folder (usually c:\Program Files\Evernote\Evernote)

by typing in the following command and pressing Enter

cd "c:\Program Files\Evernote\Evernote"

5. Type the following command and press Enter

regsvr32.exe enapi.dll

6. You should get a successful registration confirmation dialog. Press OK in it.

At this point try clipping from Firefox again.

Let me know if you encounter any errors or problems.



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Many Thanks,

this was the right hint, now it is works.

The problem was I have moved the evernote folder to another place. So I realized an easy portable version of evernote.

By the way to register the dll file, a right-click to the file name in the explorer is enough, the context menu appears and then choose the menu point "Register library".


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