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(Archived) Importing old databases into Web app?

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I'm sorry if I'm being dumb here, but I was so excited to see the web app because I've always been a big Evernote fan, but I can't install a desktop client at work, and of course want to access Evernote there.

The thing is, I have a database from the desktop client that I want to import. Is there a way?

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I'd recommend that you just install the Beta client on a Windows box at home, import your database to that client, and then synchronize to the service. Once you've done that, you can access your notes via the web UI at work.

(You could delete the client from your home computer after you import, if you didn't ever want to use the client at home.)

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Be careful tho.

I think it is not yet the time to import a working EN 2 into 3.

Do so with a copy of your working database to see the differences (keyworded filters will be saved search, problems for searching with the and/any (very limitating), etc.

My working database is not useable in beta 3, I have to wait for several things to be resolved first. But it is always a good idea to test with something you know (working database) than with a first trial imaginative database from scratch. You know how to work with your EN2, you know what to expect, you know if something is missing, etc...

I suggest you make a copy of the four EN2 files and copy them to the databses3 folder, then import form that one. You will leave the EN2 intact and still be able to use both, with the EN2 able to keep growing with your vital data.

Be aware that indexing will be done twice, one for the Desktop version (and it is time consuming) then the sycnro will take time also. Let the computer do its job.... It is normal to have high CPU (if you lower the CPU usage setting it can be a good idea but will take longer)

You may want to look at my testing I posted at


There are several issues that can illustrate your testing.

Best regards


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Your Evernote 2 database will not be modified in any way when you import it into Evernote Beta, which uses a different database file and format. This is a one-time, read-only import.

(I.e. you don't really need to copy your EN2 database before importing it, although it certainly wouldn't hurt.)

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