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(Archived) Weird Scanner Issue with Lexmark

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Hi Everyone,

I have a Lexmark Pinnacle Pro901 which offers a scan to Evernote and scan to E-Mail option, which is awesome. It allows me to either scan things as a PDF or JPG and then sends it off to wherever I like.

I have discovered an odd issue though. If I scan something as a PDF it will not open on my Nexus One Android phone. It states that the file is corrupted. This is both through the Evernote application and through my g-mail.

The PDFs will open on a mac or PC either through the web or the desktop client. It's getting quite annoying since I have been using Evernote a lot more as of late and I cannot look at any of the PDFs I scan in on my phone. I have done some testing and it doesn't seem to have anything to do with if it's in color, the size, resolution or anything like that. JPGs open just fine and PDFs from other scanners that I have used at work open just fine.

Any ideas?

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This may depend on the PDF application that you've registered on your phone to open PDF files. You could email yourself one of the same PDF documents and then try to open it from the phone's email application to see if you have the same problem when you open it without going through Evernote.

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Hi Dave,

Thanks for the tip...this is strange though...I thought of that before and downloaded the Adobe PDF reader from the market to try that one out instead of Quick Office which I guess is pre-installed on Android and that didn't work.

I decided to try yet another one just in case and downloaded BeamReader PDF Viewer and it works fine. Kinda strange huh?

Thanks again.

Love the podcast btw.


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