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(Archived) Where are the synced notes in my iPhone.



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I installed Evernote today and put some notes into it, then connected my iPhone.

I don't know what you mean by "connected my iPhone". Syncing does not occur via cable sync or iTunes but rather via the "cloud". Did you sync your desktop client then install the EN app on your iPhone and then sync your iPhone?

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Hi BurgersNFries,

Thanks for your prompt reply. Unfortunately I'm a right nitwit when it comes to all these computing procedures, so I'm going to ask you to kindly take me through those processes you mention step by step.

Firstly, I don't know what you mean by "sync my desktop client" or how to do it;

Secondly, where do I get an EN App and how do I install it on my iPhone? I googled EN App to try to find it, but the replies didn't make sense.

Thirdly, to sync my iphone: if I don't use the cord, how does it work? And do the notes I type in Evernote go into the actual NOTES on my phone, or into the contacts?

Many thanks,


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The iPhone operating system doesn't really have different "places" for your data. Each application just stores its own data without any sharing between them. If you uninstall an application, all of its data disappears with it automatically. This means that on the iPhone, your data is just stored "on the phone" without any more relevant details.

The notes you create are synchronized to the service, and then available on your Mac and other computers, but the iPhone doesn't really have useful distinctions for data stored on the device itself.

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