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(Archived) can't clip screen with dual monitors on mac

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I can use the screenshotter works fine for full screen clips, but it if I try to capture only a part of the screen I (typically) get a blank clip in Evernote.

What is happening is when I try to clip something on my macbook screen, the clip actually captures something from my external monitor...when I try to clip something on the external monitor I get something from the macbook screen.

I have: evernote Version 1.1.0b Beta (30365), osx 10.5.2, macbook + external monitor (1280x1024)

Grateful for any ideas on resolving this.


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Jas -

There's a known problem with the Mac screen clipper when used with multiple monitors. It seems to depend on the virtual layout of your monitors, so it works with some layouts, but not others. We have an internal bug filed on this topic.

Thanks for the report.

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