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(Archived) How Do I Assign a Tag to Multiple Notes in EN Mac?



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Thanks Dave. It's good to know there is a way to do this.

While this works it is somewhat counter-intuitive. This combined with the lack of any documentation makes it a challenge learning the new versions of EN for Mac, and for Windows for that matter.

Some suggestions to make this more user-friendly:

  1. [*:3m60zabt]Make it consistent across platforms, i.e., add the CTRL-ALT-T to EN Mac
    [*:3m60zabt]Make sure all features are available either via menu, or context-menu (right-click)
    [*:3m60zabt]Publish some type of documentation, whether it be a User Guide "in-progress", or, even better, create an Evernote managed wiki that all Evernote users could contribute to.

  • [*:3m60zabt]Had you created a wiki at the start of the EN Win 4 Beta, and the EN Mac 2 Alpha/Beta, your loyal users would most likely by now would have helped you create a fairly complete documentation for both Win and Mac

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