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(Archived) Note in Multiple Notebooks (including sharing?)

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Hi everyone,

I have a wierd question I havent found a work around yet. I have a general "To-Do" notebook where i keep notes like daily homework list, shopping list, general todo's etc. I want to share one of my notes called "shopping list" with my gf over the web but I want to keep it in my "To-Do" notebook and share just the note. Is this possible?

Essentially I want to share just the note and keep it in its original notebook without making a notebook for it specifically called "shared" OR have the note in 2 notebooks.

Thanks for the help everyone! :D

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Just hoping to get some more feedback since I only got your suggestion in the mac forum :D sorry!

No problem. I suspect you may not have received more feedback b/c as I said in the other thread, that a note can only reside in one notebook. And to share a note, it must be in a shared notebook. If this were static note, you could duplicate the note (copy/paste or export/import). But for a constantly changing note, you may want to check into other options.

One option would be to share an account for a true to do list app such as Toodledo, Remember The Milk, etc.

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