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(Archived) How do you add catagories?

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Bummer! I really like the way those categories are split out in that version. Sad this feature didn't make the cut. Hopefully the powers that be will decide to add it back to EN3. :)

Thanks for the reply!

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I believe, categories are great. I used MS OneNote before and learned how great these categories are. It gives me the opportunity to split up masses of information and still know where they are. Besides this, Evernote would not have to load all the pictures of one notebook, just of one category. I guess, its performance would rise.

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Yeah, I am looking at EN3 and OneNote. So far OneNote seems more robust, but lacks the web sync which is really important to me based on how I plan to use it. I feel constrained when using EN3 compared to OneNote, but I do understand that this is a Beta and it seems more like a rework of the entire product than an upgrade.

I think the challenge for EN3 is to add back all the functionality it contained in EN2 (based on what I have read and seen via others posts), at least for the PC/MAC clients, while maintaining portability (web portal, mobile client, and sync). If EN can add many of the functions it had in prior versions, it will likely become my product of choice. If not, I will keep looking for a solution.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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