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(Archived) Send to Evernote from a different app or web.


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If I'm missing something then I would like to know. Is there anyway to "Send to Evernote" besides copy/paste for Android? I have the book marklet for Chrome, but I would like to do something like that from my phone. If not then can this be a feature request? Thanks.

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Hi Guys,

We do have "Send to Evernote" from other apps on Android.

It is supported via standard "share" feature on Android.

Go to any app such as Picture Gallery, select a picture, press menu, select share, you will see a bunch of apps which can share this picture, select Evernote from the list.

The same feature is supported in Browser, Music, file browser etc.



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Yeah, you are right.

Content is controlled by the owner app. In this case, Browser controls what Evernote can get.

Unfortunately, Browser only shares the link with Evernote (or any other app) with share page feature.

Regarding your other request that the link is not saved as a link in note, this is also an unfortunate missing feature from Android webview.

We will try to overcome this issue and provide a better experience.

I have raised a feature request.

Thanks for your feedback,


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Don't know if this would be of help to you or not, but thought I'd post. 1 thing you might want to try for enabling sharing from the web browser would be to set the URL of the javascript bookmarklet as a bookmark in your phone:


You can't enter this directly into your phone however - just create the bookmark on chrome and then use one of the bookmark sharing options in the market to get this bookmark into your phone.

when you are on a page you want to clip, just go to bookmarks, select the bookmarklet and you can clip the entire page to your account. downside would be that you can't selectively clip a column or image + text. Another option would be to "select text" on your phone - click on the bookmarklet, and then paste it into the resulting note - and leaving the "clip page URL" active if you just want text from a page with an active URL.

Again, don't know if this helps, but I do use this from time to time when on the run.


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I've tried your suggested method for sending to evernote from a mobile browser, and I'm afraid I can't make it work. I created the bookmark in Chrome (and tested it), then used ChromeMarks to sync it to the phone. But when I use it with either the stock browser or Dolphin HD (both with javascript enabled), nothing happens. (BTW, I'm running Android 2.2)

Would you mind telling me exactly the steps that you used to make it work?


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Me too, please! Evernote has really gotten fantastic lately with the performance improvements for desktops. I am almost to the point of being able to use it exclusively for note taking. But if I can't clip web pages quickly from Dolphin browser it's a no-go. For this, I will, at last, become a premium member.

Please, Please! I am so tired of having to guess where I saved that little tip I read about 2 months ago!

I suppose I could save the web page in a synced bookmark folder exclusively for copying into Evernote on a desktop later but really? It will never get copied, frankly, and I could just use Readit Later for that. I'm trying to eliminate hiding spots here, not create more!

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Sorry - Haven't been back for a while:

Create the bookmarklet in chrome or firefox.

Download you bookmarks to a file (you will want to clean up this file to be just the 1 bookmarklet unless you want to upload ALL your bookmarks - this is tedius to say the least)

Download MyBookmarks from the Android Market

Go to rerware.com/MyBookmarks/

Upload you file to the website - it gives you a code to put in your phone

Plug the code into the MyBookmarks program


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