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(Archived) Accidental deletion of note in iPad!

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Help! I have been making notes all day and saving into one single written note. Then I was playing with the recording feature and made some short notes that I wanted to delete. I accidentally deleted the written note. This is on an iPad. How can I access the trash folder to retrieve the note, please???? :(

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You can always move it out the Trash on your desktop or web client.

As long as the note had been already sync'd. I think if the note never got sync'd then gets deleted, the only place it's in the trash is on the client where it was created & deleted. (I think.)

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Hello, I think by client you mean the computer with which the iPad is synch'd? I have now connected the two. Although Evernote comes up on the Macbook, nothing happens if you click on evernote app. How do you get to see the detailed contents of Evernote?

Have also tried 'Notebook' section on iPad but there is nothing in there....

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Hello, I think by client you mean the computer with which the iPad is synch'd?

A client is the computer/device you're using. The iDevice client runs on iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch. Mac client runs on a Mac, Windows client runs on Windows & the web client is utilized by using a browser & signing in directly to the Evernote service via the browser.

Evernote does not directly sync from one device/computer to another. It always goes through the EN service (aka cloud.) If you had never sync'd this note on your iPad before deleting it, you'll have to find where the trash is on the iPad. I don't know b/c I don't have an iPad.

If you sync'd this note to the EN service before it was deleted, use your Mac computer & go to the EN webpage & "sign in." (Upper right corner.) Then look in the trash. If it's similar to the way it looks on a PC (and I'd guess it does), then the trash will be at the very bottom of the left pane.

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