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(Archived) idea:building a personal wiki

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has anyone considered building a personal wiki as an alternative to Evernote or a supplement?

i like the linking feature of wikis in general and have noticed that there are a number of personal wiki platforms out there that, in theory, could be useful for saving information in a more logical way with internal hyperlinking to better curate and access your own notes.

any thoughts on how best to do this?

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There are quite a few wiki apps available. I haven't used any of them, but I hear good things about ConnectedText.

If you don't want to face the complexities of a wiki, bear in mind that some other note-taking programs also provide cross-note linking. I have been a regular user of Evernote since the early days when it was Windows-only, but I also -- for more structured information -- fall back on a program called MyInfo. It allows me to link notes (and paragraphs within notes), assign attributes to notes, create a tree outline, etc.

In other words, there are lot of choices available.

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just found that the newest version of 'notational velocity' (free and widely used mac app) now supports linking. all you've to do is type a page name such as [[thisnewpage]] between the double brackets and you get a link to a new page or an existing page. pretty cool.

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I was using Voodoopad on Mac for a while, but ultimately found it lacking. However, as a result, I attempted to make Evernote wiki-like. I talk about it more in another post, where I also have my Applescript. In short, the script allows you to use WikiWords as you would in a wiki--to create new pages and link to them from the current document. 


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