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(Archived) EN not recognizing text in my camera phone pics

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I'm a newbie, and would like to use EN alot, but for some reason the text in pictures I upload from my Blackjack camera phone aren't being recognized. The images are 640x480. Here's an example:


Shouldn't EN be able to get "pure" and "american" from this image? Am I missing somthing? Does it take a while for the text to get recognized in EN?

Thanks for your help with this.

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This picture is a little bit challenging for a few reasons:

The bottle is out of focus because your camera has a longer focal length (see that the door lock in the background is in focus)

The text is curved, so the sizes of the letters changes

The font is a little "fancy", so all of the vertical lines are very faint

The lighting is uneven in the word

The words are on a textured background, which adds "noise" to the picture. (Text on a solid background works better)

The words have a white outline around the black lettering, which makes it hard to tell whether the white or the black is the edge of the lettering

You might get a little better results if you took the picture with the bottle a little further from the camera. That would at least help with the first problem, by bringing the bottle into better focus.

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