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(Archived) Creating or copying tables into ENb3

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Is there a means of creating or copying a table into ENb3? I use tables a lot for keeping track of all sorts of stuff, and I can't seem to figure out a way to create one or copy one into a notebook. I have gone so far as to create a table in another program (Treepad for example) and then tried to copy that into a notebook but it doesn't seem to work. I get no table. I could use html even to create one (if I could figure out how to put html code into a notebook), but nothing I try seems to work. Any suggestions, ideas, or a quick smack upside the head with whatever I might be missing?

Thanks all.

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Which platform are you using?

You should be able to clip or cut-and-paste a table from a web page, but there aren't full editing tools for tables in the UI. We've had some issues with tables on our current rich-text editor, which is one of our motivations for looking into alternative editors.

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I just running EN on my desktop (Win XP) at this point. I'm pretty sure I can copy/paste a table from a web site. I haven't tried of late. I mostly put my own together (for research and data colection). I suppose I could use an editor and create an html table (save as a webpage) and then open it with a browser and copy/paste it that way, but it is too many steps. I know I should be able to copy/paste/clip from other apps, but the trick is finding that that has a small enough footprint that I don't or wouldn't have to worry aobut creating the table in another app first just so I can transfer the data over. I know I can make lists (bulleted or numbered) but then I get really long notes, and would prefer being able to go 'across' as opposed to just down... I really enjoy En so I will keep tinkering. If anyone else figures something out let me know. Thanks.

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Check out blocknote http://www.blocknote.net/. It was recommended a long time ago for creating tables in 2.2.

Blocknote is a lightweight wysiwyg HTML editor. All you do is create the table in blocknote, including colours, alignment, font changes, etc. Then, just copy/paste from the blocknote editor into a new EN note. I just tested, and it still works fine with EN3. I use it all the time for creating tables. Although you can't really modify the table once it's in EN (e.g., change number of columns), you can add rows.

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